The First Mumma Monday!

Hello my lovelies

Today is the launch of my re-structure and of my new different daily series from Monday to Thursday. Today is Monday which means I’m posting a parenting post!

This week Olly has of doing lots of adventuring on the beach and jumping on the trampoline (or butter-pline as he calls it)

Olly’s food favourite of the week has been green smoothies!     green-smoothie1

I Make it with:

  • 2 Cups Baby Leaf Spinach
  • 2 Kiwis
  • 2 Bananas
  • 1 Cup Fresh Orange Juice
  • 2 Cups Water
  • A Squeeze of lime juice

Funny Moments

Olly found a small rock while we were on the beach, he was adamant on taking it home. When we did he put the rock on his Thomas The Tank Engine tracks and shouted “watch ouuut” – this happened in one of the episodes and he was obviously trying to reenact it!! He had it all thought out when he found that rock on the beach! Toddlers are so funny

Olly has started waking up a bit earlier this week, around 7 – 8 am instead of 9 – 10 am. He came into wake me up one morning at around 7, he likes to wake me up by lying on my head, holding my face, stare right at me without saying anything. I said “Ugh it’s a bit early Olly” he got down off the bed opened the curtains and said “Look Mummy not night time it’s morning look” I was laughing so much it woke me right up!

You can follow my Snapchat @ Thatchick_amy to see what we get up to on a daily basis as I post a lot of videos of Olly!

Images Of The Week








Mothers Day Edition – Being A Young Mum!

Hey Guys!

Seeing as it’s Mothers Day today I thought I would tell you all about my experience being a young mum!

So if you didn’t know already I have a two year old son, his name is Oliver but we usually call him Olly for short. I am 22 years old so I was pregnant with Olly when I was 19. I had been with my boyfriend Jamie for 3 years already when I found out I was pregnant. We have been together for 6 years now! Which is pretty crazy to me, we moved in together when Olly was born. It’s like living with my two best friends – cheesy I know.

I can honestly say that having Olly at the time that I did really helped me and pushed me in the direction that I want to go, I became focused on achieving my goals, and had a much more positive outlook on life. Before I had Olly I felt like I was just drifting through life with no purpose or goals and I wasn’t particularly happy.


Top left – Jamie & Olly at 1 year old  / Top right – Olly & I at 1 & a half  / Bottom left – Olly & my brother at 2 years old / Bottom middle – Jamie & Olly 2 years old / Bottom right – Olly & my mum 6 months old.

When I found out I was pregnant I was in college studying Fine Art which I wasn’t enjoying and would have left anyway so I moved away from the city and back in with my parents, Jamie moved in with his gran and worked two jobs which was the best option for him as the city had too many distractions at the time. I decided I would stay at home with Olly for a year before going back to college, which is what I have done. I  can write a whole post on my pregnancy because that is a whole story in itself.


Olly & I – 6 weeks old. ( I obviously didn’t seem to think eyebrows existed back in those days)

Obviously adjusting my lifestyle was difficult when Olly was born but for about 7 months of my pregnancy I had been living with my parents not doing all that much so a change was much anticipated and I couldn’t wait to move in with Jamie & Olly and having some independence again. When I say adjusting my lifestyle I mean small things such as not being able to lie in everyday, sleeping all night without interruptions etc. Which comes with any new parents.


I absolutely adore having Olly in my life, he cracks me up everyday and he is such a happy little boy. I love watching him grow and develop his personality. I would probably be still stuck in the same rut I was at if it wasn’t for him and I now know exactly what I want to do with my life and taking every step I can to achieve it.

Hope you liked this post and that it wasn’t too soppy! If you have any questions leave them below 🙂