How I Went Blonde From Dark Brown!

Hello Lovelies and welcome to beauty Tuesdays! 

Today I’m going to be sharing with you how I went from very dark brown / black hair to an ash blonde in two sessions with minimal damage!


This is what my hair looked like before, as you can see it was very dark but also in good condition. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t have under gone this treatment as it can be very damaging! This isn’t my natural colour, this is a box dye I did myself about 6 months previously to this photo. My natural colour is a dark blonde.

And here is the finished product, quite a drastic change! I also got rid of the full blunt fringe and added in choppy layers to break it up a bit.


I did not do this myself, I went to a professional salon. I’ll leave the link to their Facebook page below so you can check them out, I highly recommend them!

First Session

Firstly they put a full cleanse on my hair which breaks down the dye molecules from the previous dye, this is what is highly damaging so it was only left on my hair for about 10 minutes. They then put a full head of highlights in all in separate packets, this covers 80% of your hair.  They left the bleach on for about 40 minutes .They washed out the bleach then put in an ash toner to tone down the brassiness causes by the bleach. Here’s what my hair looked like after the first session:


As you can see it is a lot lighter than the start photo! My roots lifted a lot more than the ends as the ends of my hair have a lot of previous dye build up. I then waited about 7 weeks to get it re-done so my hair had time to recover from all the processing. Although I had virtually no breakage which I was very pleased with!

Second Session

After about 7 weeks I went back and again got a full head of highlights – 80% of my hair in packets. They also put on a silver toner to the ends of my hair but not the roots as to not dull down the brightness. The difference in colour between the ends and the roots were a lot less this time with a much more even colour and tone. Here is the finished outcome:


I’m very pleased with the results and happy that all my hair is still on my head! I did have more breakage after the second session but nothing major!

I’ll be posting about how I up keep the blonde in-between salon visits and all my favourite products to keep my hair looking vibrant and in good condition. So stay tuned! X



DRUG STORE MAKEUP REVIEW – Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

Hey Guys!

I’ve got a drug store makeup review for you today and it’s on the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation. This foundation promises  skin perfecting full coverage that lasts for up to 25 hours and is enriched with comfort serum, is sweat, heat humidity and transfer proof and also has SPF 20.

rimmel rimmel2


I was very surprised by the coverage of this foundation, it definitely is what it says, full coverage and it really does make your skin look perfected or airbrushed! You could easily wear this foundation without concealer if your in a rush to get out the door or if you like lighter coverage.


I really have a hard time matching foundations to my skin because I am so pale #palegirlproblems and I have a mixture between pink and yellow toned skin, so anything in either direction just looks plain strange on me. This one isn’t Perfect but it’s close enough, I have it in the lightest shade Ivory and it could do with being a little bit lighter. Especially for people even paler than me.  This foundation is yellow toned.


This foundation prides it self on indurance and lasting 25 hours, but lets be real who wears foundation for 25 hours? I think they’re exaggerating just a tad on that note, but I wore it for about 15 hours  without touching it up at all and it still looked pretty okay! Which is good in my books, it did cake up a little under my eyes and around my mouth as it does get a little bit chalky as the day goes on.

comfortI applied this foundation today with a flat headed stippling brush and I did not like how it turned out at all, it felt wet on my face and heavy even after it was set. But when I applied it with my fingers it was perfect and light, so I’d say you’ll have to play around with how it works best for you.

loveThis foundation makes some pretty big claims but it holds up pretty well! For the price you can’t really go wrong, it’s not as good as my ultimate drug store foundation favourite, Bourjois Healthy Mix. But comes in at a close second!


This is how it looks on my skin, this photo was just taken in natural light and without any editing or filters.

Have you guys tried this foundation and what’s your favourite drug store foundation?


FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette

Hey Guys!

I’m back, it’s been awhile! I’ve been swamped with college work and other commitments lately which is why I haven’t posted in so long ….. but no more excuses let’s get into it!

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette 


This palette contains 12 shadows, the larger base shades are above the three coordinating powders for contouring, defining, and highlighting. Split into 3 quads of neutral, cool and warm shades. This palette features Kat Von D’s signature high-pigment, long-wear eye shadow formula, created to deliver rich colour that lasts all day and night.

“The true inspiration behind the Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette comes from all these years of trying to understand the usage of shadows and light within the portraits I draw.”—Kat Von D

badge The packaging is gorgeous as always with Kat Von D’s products, I just wish it was made out of plastic instead of cardboard! Although the cardboard is very good quality I feel like a plastic casing would stand the test of time a little better. I love that the shadows are split into three different groups: cool, neural and warm.


The shadows blend like an absolute dream and are buttery smooth,  I haven’t come across any shades lately this easy to blend out, really couldn’t ask for any better.


I was a bit disappointed with the lack of pigmentation in the lighter or highlighter shades, I definitely feel they could be a little more vibrant, but what the lighter colours lack in the darker colours definitely make up for it. They are super pigmented and a little goes a very long way.


Definitely worth the hype and the money! I’m sure this palette will become a firm staple in my collection and I’m sure it can create a huge array of looks.

IMG_2117  IMG_2119

IMG_2121  IMG_2122

This is the look I created using this palette for the first time, I used the neutral toned quad. I really enjoyed playing with this palette and I adore the names of each of the shades! You can purchase this palette from Sephora , unfortunately it is pretty hard to get your hands on outside of America at the moment!

What do you guys think? Have you got this palette or would you like to?


Kylie Jenner Inspired Lips!

Hey Guys!

It seems like Everybody has been raving about Kylies big lips lately. It’s been said that she uses Mac’s Lip liner in Soar combined with Mac’s Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick to create her look  ..not to mention the obvious lip fillers as well! But not all of us can afford or want to do that so I have a cheaper dupe that i think works pretty well.

Here’s what I used:


Avons Ultra Colour Bold Matte Lipstick in Bare Impact (B501)

NYX Lip Liner in Nude Beige

NYX Wonder Pencil in Light


What I did:

I stared by slightly over lining my lips with the NYX lip pencil, making sure to only over line  the centre parts of your lips not the corners, other wise you’ll end up with a clown smile! I then filled in my lips with the lipstick going up to where I lined my lips. Using the lip liner again I darkened up the outer corners of my lips to make the centre look more plump. Taking the Wonder Pencil I reversed outlined my lips, meaning I lined my lips again outside where I lined my lips. This creates a slight highlight around your lips again making them appear more plump and juicy like Kylie’s! Taa Daa that’s it!

IMG_1576 IMG_1577

What Do You Think? Do You Think It’s A Good Dupe And Would You Try It?


The Bold Lip

Hey Guys!

So as we all know strong bold lips are all the rage at the moment, especially the nude lip. I’ve found a lipstick that incorporates both and is also matte. It’s the Matte Lipstick from NYX Cosmetics, which is a brand I love. Nyx is vegan & cruelty free if that is also important to you! The lipstick is in the shade Maison which they describe as milk chocolate brown, very apt! The lipstick is hugely pigmented and has a non drying matte finish. I teamed it up with the NYX Lip Liner in Nude.

IMG_1484 2



What do you guys think of this look? xx


Lush Mini Haul & Empties!

Hey Guys, hope you are all well!

Yesterday I did a little bit of Spring shopping, I Had to go to Lush as I had officially used up all of my Lush stock! I didn’t go too mad but I picked up a few essentials, here’s what I got:


Ultrabland is my go to cleanser I go through it like water, it’s amazing at removing makeup and clearing skin, I’ve raved about it loads before but seriously you need to try it!

I picked up the Yummy Mummy shower gel from the Mothers Day collection, which sadly isn’t being restocked after this week. I’ve tried the Yummy Mummy Shower Conditioner and loved it, the scent is a mixture of orange and lavender!


The other two items are for my little boy Olly as I don’t like to use anything in his baths apart from Lush. Everything else dries his skin out plus he smells divine afterwards!

I got him the pink Fun bar, which smells like a candy store and the Comforter Bubble Bar, which smells like Ribena! With these you pull a little bit off at a time and crumble under warm running water to create bubbles. This way they last quite a while, I also wash his hair with whatever shower gel I’m using as they double as shampoos.


On to the Empties!

This is proof just how long the Lush shower gels last as we have just finished a medium sized bottle of Snow Fairy! Which if you didn’t know comes from the Christmas collection. My boyfriend is obsessed with the Dirty range in Lush which has a manly minty scent. Around Valentines Day I picked up the Prince Charming shower gel to try which I loved, which smells like marshmallow and pomegranate. I’ve also gone through two tubs of Ultrabland (since January) Two bottles of Tea Tree Toner (since last summer) And lastly a tub of Cosmetic Warrior which is from the Fresh Face Mask range, I like to try a different one of these once a month.

What are your favourite Lush products? xx


March Monthly Favourites!

Eyeko Lengthening Skinny Brush Mascara


This mascara is truly amazing at lengthening and I adore the packaging, the only issue I have with it is that it is so long wearing it is pretty hard to get off! So if you have sensitive eyes proceed with caution. This mascara is €18, defiantly worth the hype and the money.Here are some before and after pictures on my mum just to show how good it is at lengthening. There are definitely no falsies there!


 Benefits World Famous Neutrals 



This is such a cute little box! It comes with four long-wear powder shadows , 3 matte and 1 shimmer. In Milk it! Raincheck? Pause For Applause and Blingo! It also contains 2 creaseless cream eyeshadows in bikini-tini, and holy smokes! You can use the cream eyeshadows on their own for a quick fix or as primers under your shadows. This palette is €34.50 and also comes in two different varieties of shades.

Rimmel Extra 3D Lash Mascara

IMG_0437 copy

This is my new go to favourite drug store mascara, it’s amazing and ticks every box for me. It’s volumizing, lengthening, easy to take off, lasts all day and is very affordable! I haven’t been wowed by a drug store mascara for a very long time until I picked this baby up. I will definitely be repurchasing this again and again. This mascara is €6.99 at Boots.

Bourjois Rouge Edition in Rose Tweed & Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Happy Nude Year 

IMG_0415 copy

The Bourjois Velvet lipstick is my all time favourite of this month, I have worn it nearly every single day. The colour matches my skin tone perfectly and it feels so soft and silky compared to so many other liquid to matte lipsticks that completely dry out your lips. It has a doe foot applicator and comes in eight different shades and I want them all! It is €12.49


The Rouge Edition lipstick in Rose Tweed is a gorgeous barely there every day nude, this is what I have been wearing when I haven’t been wearing the other one! I love the formulation although it doesn’t stay on as long as the velvet one. It is a very soft and hydrating lipstick that adds a bit of shine. It comes in 27 different shades. This lipstick is €10.99.


What where your favourite products you couldn’t stop using this month? 


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Review

Hey Guys!

I’ve got a quick review of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette today!

My mum actually gave me this palette and when she handed it to me I thought she was giving me a fancy French chocolate bar until I did a double take.


First off this palette smells DIVINE! It is made with 100% real cocoa powder which makes the shadows blend like a dream.

There are 16 shades altogether, 14 of them are .95g each and  2 of them are a bit bigger at 2.8g each. The two bigger shades also make lovely highlighters.


There are 6 matte shades and 10 shimmer shades which range from chocolatey browns, feminine pinks to sexy plum shades. I’ve had this palette for about 2 weeks now and the amount of looks you can create are endless and the colour pay off is amazing.


The names of the shadows make my mouth water just a little bit too!

Coming in at €44, I think it is definitely worth it if you are looking for a versatile palette.


One Lovely Blog Award!

Hey Guys!

So I got nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award 🙂

Thank you to Jaanethough for nominating me, it means a lot!

Seven Things About Me:

  1. I am extremely impulsive with everything I do, not always a good thing!
  2. I love to read, I can get through 6 books a month when I’m on a roll.
  3. I used to be really into horses and horse riding, I even used to own 3 horses!
  4. I have had every hair colour under the sun, I get bored easily haha
  5. I have a phobia of goldfish!
  6. I love to bake but I don’t do it to often as I tend to end up eating everything!
  7. Summer is my favourite time of year, especially for the fashion.

My 15 Lovely Nominees:

  1. Dovesandroses
  2. Confettiandcurves
  3. Jadeambersblog
  4. AlleyHope
  5. Thebeautytruth
  6. Seesje
  7. Hellomonika
  8. Candylovetrap
  9. Withallmyaffection
  10. Nicolish
  11. Theoctoberscat
  12. Themakeupcrate
  13. Broughttoyoubyhannah
  14. Lippieobsession
  15. Marinasbeautystudio

Thank you again to Jane for the nomination!


Bobbi Brown Brighting Finish Powder Dupe

So we all like to save a little bit of money every now and again, I know I do! I found a great dupe for the gorgeous Bobbi Brown Brighting Finish Powder – what a mouthful. This powder is so beautiful to look at let alone to wear, it is divided up into a grid of gorgeous pastels that work as colour correctors on the skin. Now this powder is €48, ouch.


BUT I have found an alternative, I don’t know about you but I haven’t seen pastel iridescent powders like this on the market before so when I came across the NYX Radiant Finishing Powder I was so happy that there was a cheaper alternative!

IMG_0542 copy

Obviously the packaging ins’t as luxurious but I can get over that with a €36 price difference! Yep this powder is only €12. And honestly does the same job.

This powder is a cross between a highlighter and a setting powder, so if you want a gorgeous subtle glowing finish you need to try this. I use this on top of my setting powder, I swirl my powder face brush in the product and sweep over my cheeks and t zone. I use this powder instead of highlighter for a day look but would use in conjunction with a highlighter for a night look. This powder has lots of tiny specs of glitter but don’t worry they have very finely milled, so you won’t look like you just came off the set of a Kesha video.

IMG_0544 copy

This product does also come in a Sun kissed version which is a palette of nudes and pink tones in the same iridescent powder which would be lovely this time of year coming up to summer as it gives of a warmer glow.



Liebster Award!!

Hey Guys!

So I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Jaanthough, thank you so much it means a lot! Jane was an awesome cruelty free beauty and lifestyle blog be sure to check her out 🙂

What is the Liebster Award you may ask?

The Liebster Award is basically an award that is by bloggers, for bloggers. It’s passed from person to person to encourage connection and support within our writing community, and to aid in the discovery of new and upcoming bloggers!

The Rules!

  1. Thank and acknowledge the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions the blogger gave you.
  3. Give 11 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 7 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  5. Notify the people you nominated.
  6. Give approximately 7 to 11 questions for nominees to answer.

Jaanethough’s Questions:

  1. What is your dream job? To be a Kardashian or similar obviously haha. Ok on a serious note for beauty & fashion blogging to be my job and also freelance animating, graphic/interface/web designing.
  2. Sweet or savoury food? Both I just love food too much
  3. What is your current favourite skincare product? The Body Shop Cool & Creamy Tea Tree Cleanser
  4. Who is your idol? I have so many people I look up to, but in the blogging & YouTube world I would have to say Melon Lady (Helen Anderson) I adore her personality, she has such a great outlook on life and is confident in her own skin which is such a good message to be sending young girls.
  5. What is your fondest memory? I have so many it is impossible to pick one! My son being born, from when my boyfriend and I first met, loads from being with friends & family, Christmas’s, I’ve had so many wonderful holidays.
  6. What is your favourite movie? I love movies that make you think so Trance and iOrigins for example, I also love Pulp Fiction, This Is The End, The Little Death, ugh there is so many haha!
  7. Who is your favourite youtuber? Apart from Melon Lady who I already mentioned I love The Beauty Crush, she’s gorgeous.
  8. What is your favourite dessert? I’m a vegan so I normally have to make my own deserts but I love banana ‘nicecream’, Oreos, Starbursts, Jelly Tots, Chewits, peanut butter oatmeal cookies I make.
  9. Coffee or tea? Coffee in the morning lemon green tea at night
  10. Who are your favourite authors? In not order Gillian Flynn, Rainbow Rowell, Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, John Green.
  11. What is your dream transport? Teleportation of course! No more buses Hoorar!

11 Facts About Me

  1. My full name is Amy Tasmin Finn
  2. My birthday is the 11th of September, I’m 22
  3. I have a 2 year old son named Oliver – Olly for short
  4. I have been going out with my boyfriend Jamie and also Olly’s dad for 6 years now, we met when I was 16.
  5. I am studying a Multimedia degree in college
  6. I originally went to study a degree in Fine Art but decided it wasn’t for me.
  7. I live on the south coast of Ireland near Cork City
  8. I am originally from North London, I moved to Ireland when I was 10 with my family.
  9. I still have a pretty strong London accent though!
  10. I am a shopaholic – you probably already knew that though.
  11. I am very close to my family, I also have a younger brother & sister.

My Questions:

  1. Current favourite lipstick?
  2. Current favourite foundation?
  3. Current favourite skincare product?
  4. Current favourite hair product?
  5. What are you reading?
  6. What was the last movie you watched?
  7. Who is your favourite YouTuber?
  8. Who is your favourite blogger?
  9. Who is your idol?
  10. Life goal?
  11. Marmite?

My Nominees:

  1. Uniqueola
  2. Weardaisywent
  3. Mylipaddiction
  4. Barbieuncovered
  5. Nublanc
  6. Jadeambersblog
  7. Stephaniejaynebeauty

Thank you again for the nomination Jane!


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review

Hey Guys!

Today I’m going to be talking about the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, I absolutely adore this foundation. This is the second time i have repurchased it, I actually forgot how much I loved it for awhile because I was using the Mac Studio Fluid Fix but it arrived at my door today and I had to use it!

IMG_0421 copy

This is a perfect foundation for every day wear, for a night out I would probably opt for something a little bit more heavy duty.

I use the colour Light Vanilla and it is a Perfect match, honestly I have never had a foundation that has matched so well before, it blends into my neck perfectly.

It has a medium coverage, it does cover blemishes pretty well but I would want to use concealer with it for that extra bit of help but if you have perfect skin there is no need.

Here’s a pic of just the foundation on and a little bit of translucent powder, excuse my messy hair!


The consistency is very light but still creamy and it sits nicely on the skin without weighing you down.

The last time I used this product it lasted me months! Which is saying something seeing as I wear foundation pretty much every day.

For a drugstore foundation it really is amazing it’s about €14 (and I am usually a snob when it comes to foundations)

I have also heard Essie Button rave about this foundation a lot. The verdict is go buy it! 🙂


And a close up of my final makeup look for the day, on my lips is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Happy Nude Year.


What do you guys think, have you used this foundation before or would you try it? Let me know 🙂


My Tattoos!

 Hey Guys!

I’m not going to be doing my usual Outfit Of The Day for Sunday instead today I’m going to be telling you all about my tattoos.

If you are offended by tattoos, skin or the human body this post isn’t for you 🙂

Since I can remember I have always wanted to have tattoos, when I was a child I would beg my mum for those transfer tattoos all the time! By the time I was sixteen I had my first tattoo chosen in my head, I carried on thinking about what I wanted until I was eighteen when I could legally get my first tattoo. I made sure I chose an artist who worked in the style that I like which is colourful new school, I found out about a shop called Holy Cow which is one of the top in the country and have won a lot of awards at conventions, also I knew a load of people who got their tattoos there and they were all done so well. I have since gotten all my tattoos done in Holy Cow as I love my artists style.( Ross Daly if you want to look him up )

My first tattoo or tattoos you could say were two blue and turquoise diamonds, one on each hip. This is a picture I took of them today, they are four years old and have also gone through me having a baby so I am extremely happy that they are still perfect! These hurt a lot to get done, trust me to pick one of the most painful places to get my first tattoo in! They took about an hour each to finish. These tattoos took about 2 weeks to heal fully.


My next tattoo I got about a year later, it is a black and grey cameo tattoo of a girl within a frame on my sternum, just underneath my boobs. At the time I was obsessed with the Victorian era and Alice In Wonderland which was the inspiration behind this tattoo. It took an hour to do and again was extremely painful as it was right on the bone and that part of the body is very sensitive! This picture is very close up and as you can see needs a bit of a touch up, as my bra rests on it it has worn quicker than my other tattoos but it is still very pretty and delicate. This tattoo was the easiest to heal, only took about a week to heal fully as it was mostly line work.


My next tattoo was about 5-6 months later and is in fact very similar to this tattoo but has colour and more detail. It is again a cameo but the girl is a skeleton this time and the frame is a little different. I saw this on Tumblr I think, it was a necklace and I just adored the design so much. This tattoo took  about an hour  and a half and wasn’t painful in the slightest, it is on the upper inside of my left arm. This was the largest tattoo I had gotten so far. The pink colour was supposed to be a lot lighter instead of being more red, but I got a bad allergic reaction to the red pigment in the ink almost straight away. This was the most painful part of this tattoo as the healing process was hell, the skin bubbled into blisters everywhere the pink was. TMI I know. All together took about 3 months to heal properly as the skin was so sensitive and sore (At the time I had no idea why my tattoo didn’t heal properly or why it blistered)IMG_0296

Next was a very small one about 2-3 months later, I got a Q and a heart like on the playing cards. Queen of Hearts, at the time I was working on my portfolio to get into art college, the theme of my portfolio was Alice In Wonderland so this tattoo is homage to that. It took about 10 minutes to do. Again I got an allergic reaction to this tattoo which was when I released I was allergic to red ink. This tattoo wasn’t as painful to heal as the last but still took a long time and scabbed over a lot. It doesn’t look the best now because it didn’t heal properly but I can’t get it touched up because of the red ink haha.


And last but definitely not least is my last, biggest and my personal favourite!  This tattoo took a long time to finish! I think in total took about five sessions of three hours each session, I got this finished about a year ago now. The inspiration behind it is the girl represents me, the owl represents my son Olly and the girl is protecting him, the antlers on the girl suggest that she is independant and in charge (like a stag) The string of pearls draped around the antlers suggest my love for fashion and beauty and I had purple hair at the time the same as the girl. The heart above her head is self explanatory. I drew this myself and took the drawing to my tattoo artist , the style inspiration of this tattoo came from Rik Lee. The pain levels of this tattoo weren’t too bad, down by the owl towards my knee was the sorest part. I left about a month between each tattoo session for my skin to heal fully.  Her face is a bit distorted in this picture, it’s very hard to get a good photo of it myself!


If there is anything else you would like to know leave a comment down below 🙂


Soft Romantic UD Naked 3 Look

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you this look I created using the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, it’s a very soft and girly look. I love this palette as it is so diverse  the number of looks you can create are endless! Let me know what you think down below 🙂


I started by taking Limit with an angled shading brush and working into the outer crease and v of my eye.


I then took Nooner, which is very similar to Limit but a bit deeper. With a smaller angled brush I went over Limit to darken it up and create more dimension.



With a small flat slightly damp brush to get more colour pay off I packed on Trick all over the lid.


I then took Dust which is a gorgeous shimmery rose gold and put in the outer corners of my eyes.


With a pencil brush I added a small bit of Blackheart to the outer v of my eye and brought down onto the bottom lash line and blended towards the middle of my eye.

I then added a thin cat eye using  Benefits Push Up liner and Benefits They’re Real Mascara.

For my lips I decided to go with a dark nude, this one is by Avon.



Hope you all have a fab weekend xxx


The Limecrime Scandal

Hey guys, I’m going to be bringing you something a little more sombre today. I don’t mean to insult anyone with this post who likes or supports this brand. I am simply sharing with you what I have learned recently.

There has been a lot of rumours going around about Limecrime for a long time now. The first time I heard anything negative about the company was probably about a year ago and at the time I didn’t really take much notice but in recent weeks Instagram has been blowing up with posts about the company so I did a bit of research and what I found was truly shocking!

Limecrime is being accused of fraudulence, repackaging, racism, deleting ingredients from products on the website that are not vegan, blocking and insulting costumers on social media and the worst hacking customers credit card information and identity theft! 

There was a girl who made a post on Instagram about what happened to her. She had her credit card information stolen and lost 10,000 dollars which was her student loan, she can not now get another student loan and had to drop out of college over one lipstick. Limecrime still hasn’t released any statement regarding customers getting their money back.

If you have bought anything from them you should check your credit card details.

You can find out all this information in more detail with a simple Google search or on the Instagram hashtags boycottlimecrime and limecrimelies. There is also a Tumblr page with the supposed history of Limecrimes origins if you want to check it out:

I would love to know what your opinion on this topic is 🙂 x

Bare Minerals Review!

Hey Guys!

Today I’m bringing you a little review on the Bare Minerals Bare Skin foundation along with the Perfecting Face Brush, Correcting Concealer and Marvelous Moxie Lipliner.

I absolutely adore this foundation. I used the shade Bare Linen but it also comes in twenty different shades. You must shake the bottle first as it doesn’t contain an emollient to bind the ingredients together. The texture is extremely light whilst still providing a medium coverage, it is also brightening so perfect for covering up those under eye circles. I didn’t feel like I had a full face of foundation on like you usually get with liquid foundations especially compared to the Mac Studio Fluid Fix which is very heavy on the skin. The finish isn’t completely matte but not totally dewy either, which is what I was expecting as the formula is so silky. If you have drier skin you could totally wear it without a setting powder for a more satin look. If you are using the foundation in conjunction with the Perfecting Face Brush (recommended) you squirt about 2-3 drops into the centre on the brush, depending on how much coverage you want. Dot all over the face then continue to buff into the skin, the coverage is buildable without getting cakey. It also contains SPF20, is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. I would say this foundation is definitely worth spending the money on, it will also last you awhile as a little goes a long way.

On to the Correcting Concealer, this wasn’t one of my favourite concealers of all time. I like my concealers to be industrial strength especially if I’m wearing a medium coverage foundation, where as this is light to medium coverage for a concealer. The texture is very creamy and became oily throughout the day. It comes in eight different shades varying from cool to warm. Although I have heard very good reviews from other people on this concealer so maybe it’s just me!,en_GB,pd.html,en_GB,pd.html,en_GB,pd.html


I love the Marvelous Moxie Lipliner! I used the shade Thrilled which is a mauve nude, very Kylie Jenner esque. The formula is creamy and extremely long wearing. It lasted me all day with no touchups (and I ate a big Sunday lunch) I love the colour and it would suit so many different skin tones. It has a twist up applicator which keeps the product very clean and always sharp.,en_GB,pd.html


Here’s a unfiltered picture of my look using all three products.

What do you guys think, would you buy this products or have you already used them?



February Faves

Hey Guys 🙂

I’ve been away for awhile, oops! I’m back at college now and it’s getting pretty hectic! Today I’m going to be talking about a few things I’ve been obsessing over this month, so here we go!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash and Skin Clearing Lotion

I was looking for a cleanser with a bit of an oomph, I am a huge advocate of Ultrabland by Lush but I felt like I had been using it so long my skin had gotten used to it. So I went into Body Shop and this is what was recommended to me, I also got the matching moisturiser to use in conjunction with it. I love these two products But they are very drying on the skin and I very rarely suffer from dry skin on my face. So I only use these products before bed as if I use them in the morning my makeup just doesn’t work. They have cleared up my skin massively so I will definitely be repurchasing these two when I run out!


Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

I read 6 books in the month of January because I had the entire month off college but since I’ve started back this month I’ve only managed to get a hundred pages through one book haha. I also read Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell which I loved. Her style is very reminiscent of John Green if you like that kind of thing. Light hearted writing style with a bit of a twist. Fangirl is set in America and is about two twins who have just left for college and for the first time in their lives they are not living together which brings its trials and tribulations for one twin in particular. A good coming of age book 🙂


Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment 

I have been using this almost daily this month, I put it on underneath my moisturiser. It is a tea tree treatment just like the Body Shop so it works well together. It completely dries up any spots that are starting to appear by the next day, great around that time of the month.


Lipton Lemon Green Tea

I have been drinking this by the bucket load, it is so refreshing. Especially with a slice of lemon, if you don’t like green tea fear not it tastes completely different. It doesn’t have that bitter taste that green tea usually has


Better Call Saul

I am a HUGE Breaking Bad fan and of course I was devastated when it ended. That ending though! So when I heard that they were making a spin off show Better Call Saul I was over the moon! It’s created by Vince Gilligan, the same guy who made BB so the style is practically the same. There are currently five episodes out and with one coming out every week. So far looks very promising. If you are a Breaking Bad fan (or not) you should defiantly check it out if you haven’t already




Top Three Shower Must Haves From Lush!

So these are my staple every day products that I love to use in the shower and of course they are from Lush! I adore the brand and all the business ethics that they stand by.

Shower Gel! I have tried a number of Lush’s shower gels but my all time favourites are:

  • Snow White, I love the refreshing apple cider scent. Unfortunately it is only in the Christmas collection.
  • Snow fairy of course! It is the perfect sickly sweet bubblegum-ie type scent that us girls love. Again it is only in the Christmas collection.
  • Prince Charming, which is the latest shower gel from the Valentines Day collection. It is the perfect mixture of marshmallow and pomegranate.
  • Dirty, which I buy for my boyfriend Jamie but I always sneak a few uses out of it! It has a very refreshing pepperminty scent to it. Dirty is also a permanent range within Lush and they have lots of other products in this scent.


Solid Shampoo! I have tried two different solid shampoos from Lush and they are fab! They last such a long time, much longer than a regular liquid shampoo so it is worth the extra few euro and they really really work. I was worried they wouldn’t build up much of a lather but they do. They leave your hair feeling clean without any residue. Also amazing if you travel a lot as they are so easy to pack, you can get little round tins to put them in. The one I am currently using is Montalbano Solid Shampoo for shiny hair and it has a lemony scent to it. I don’t have my own image for it as it is currently in my shower!


Body Conditioner! After I have washed my hair and my body I love to use a body conditioner, which is essentially a moisturiser for the shower. The first one I bought I initially thought it was a moisturiser because it comes in the exact same pots as the Lush moisturisers do (and I didn’t read the packaging properly) so I took it home, used it and thought …hmm feel a bit itchy where I put that on. So I checked the pot and DOH. I felt extremely stupid haha but last weekend I saw my mum had bought the Yummy Mummy one and she had it in her cupboard, so I asked her if she realised what it was and she had made the exact same mistake! At first I was disappointed that it was for the shower but after I used it I was very glad I had bought it. The first one I had Ro’s Argan Oil Body Conditioner and leaves your skin smelling of roses, Yes! The Yummy Mummy one smells like soothing coco butter, perfect for skin that needs pampering. You don’t have to use a moisturiser when you come out of the shower if you use this which saves time if your in a rush!




Lush for Troublesome Skin!


Ok so Lush is my all time bae, like every other white girl out there!

My bank account hates me for it (and so does my boyfriend)

My all time favourite Lush products are on the skincare side of things as they have really helped to clear up and keep my acne (gross) at bay.

1. Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

This stuff is a life safer, at first I didn’t want to try it as it looks quite oily and lets me honest, my skin doesn’t need any more of that!

The DownLow:

It’s amazing for taking a full face of makeup off, it completely melts the makeup off your face. I normally take a walnut sized amount of each side of my face and really work it in with my finger tips (you look amazing at this point) 😛 I then take a few slightly damp cotton pads and take it all off. It leaves your face feeling ultra clean and also moisturised, without feeling oily or weighed down. I find that you don’t need to use a facial moisturiser after this if you have particularly oily skin like mine but feel free if you have drier skin.


  • Almond Oil
  • Rose Water
  • Beeswax
  • Honey
  • Fresh Iris Extract
  • Glycerine
  • Rose Absolute
  • Tincture of Benzoin
  • Methylparaben
  • Propylparaben


2. Tea Tree Toner Water

Again this stuff has really helped with a lot of breakouts as it is antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial. I use this right after I cleanse my face with Ultrabland. I normally spray some onto a clean cotton pad and wipe all over the face or sometimes I spray it directly onto the face, which is lovely in summer for cooling you down. This stuff lasts Forever.


  • Tea Tree Water
  • Grapefruit Water
  • Juniperberry Water
  • *Limonene
  • Perfume
  • Methylparaben


3. Ocean Salt Face Scrub

I LOVE using this stuff in the shower it is the best exfoliant I have used, hands down. I take about a teaspoon size and rub in circular motions around my face . As suggested in the name it is made out of coarse and fine sea salt which acts as the exfoliant, it removes dead skin, blocked pores like a dream and leaves your face bright and fresh. If you have Very sensitive skin I wouldn’t recommend it as it also contains a lot of citrus from the lime and grapefruit juice which along with the salt leaves your skin tingling and can be quite drying. I would suggest using this product about once a week as a treatment scrub. I love everything about this product including the smell which smells like your lying on a tropical beach sipping mojitos out of coconuts. Heaven.


  • Fine Sea Salt 
  • Fresh Grapefruit Infusion 
  • Coarse Sea Salt
  •  Stearic Acid
  •  Fresh Lime Extracted in Vodka
  •  Sodium Cocoamphoacetate 
  • Glycol Cetearate 
  • Triethanolamine 
  • Fresh Avocado Butter
  •  Coconut Fat
  •  Lime Oil
  • Seaweed Absolute
  •  Violet Leaf Absolute
  • Glycerine 
  • Lanolin 
  • Cetearyl Alcohol 
  • Limonene
  • Linalool 
  • Perfume 
  • FD&C Blue No. 1
  • Methylparaben 
  • Propylparaben

open-ocean-breeze lush-ocean-salt-pot

4. Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask

I love the lavender smell of this product, it also has brilliant exfoliant properties in it if you want to use it just as a scrub or you can apply it as a mask and leave on for about 5 minutes until its dry and rub off with your fingertips slowly with warm water, spending time to massage into your skin. I like to use this product once a week in the evening before bed as the lavender oil in it is very calming. It calms the skin and leaves the face bright and fresh. I always find when I use this product that the next morning my face is crazy bright and glowing which I love! This product also needs to be kept in the fridge as the ingredients are super fresh and make sure you use it up quick before it goes off 🙂


  • Agar Agar Gel
  • Kaolin
  • Honey
  • Fullers Earth
  • Glycerine
  • Almond Oil
  • Ground Almond Shells
  • Ground Almonds
  • Lavender Oil
  • Chlorophyllin
  • Geraniol
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Perfume

open-love-lettuce   love-lettuce

So there it is these are my holy grail Lush products for troublesome or acne prone skin! I can honestly say that these products have worked wonders on my own skin and I believe that is down to the all natural and fresh products that they use with no added nasties that you will find in other skincare products. I could go on and on and talk about Lush forever but if your new to skincare or don’t know where to start these 4 products will do it for you girl! Cleanser, Toner, Scrub and Mask.