How I Went Blonde From Dark Brown!

Hello Lovelies and welcome to beauty Tuesdays! 

Today I’m going to be sharing with you how I went from very dark brown / black hair to an ash blonde in two sessions with minimal damage!


This is what my hair looked like before, as you can see it was very dark but also in good condition. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t have under gone this treatment as it can be very damaging! This isn’t my natural colour, this is a box dye I did myself about 6 months previously to this photo. My natural colour is a dark blonde.

And here is the finished product, quite a drastic change! I also got rid of the full blunt fringe and added in choppy layers to break it up a bit.


I did not do this myself, I went to a professional salon. I’ll leave the link to their Facebook page below so you can check them out, I highly recommend them!

First Session

Firstly they put a full cleanse on my hair which breaks down the dye molecules from the previous dye, this is what is highly damaging so it was only left on my hair for about 10 minutes. They then put a full head of highlights in all in separate packets, this covers 80% of your hair.  They left the bleach on for about 40 minutes .They washed out the bleach then put in an ash toner to tone down the brassiness causes by the bleach. Here’s what my hair looked like after the first session:


As you can see it is a lot lighter than the start photo! My roots lifted a lot more than the ends as the ends of my hair have a lot of previous dye build up. I then waited about 7 weeks to get it re-done so my hair had time to recover from all the processing. Although I had virtually no breakage which I was very pleased with!

Second Session

After about 7 weeks I went back and again got a full head of highlights – 80% of my hair in packets. They also put on a silver toner to the ends of my hair but not the roots as to not dull down the brightness. The difference in colour between the ends and the roots were a lot less this time with a much more even colour and tone. Here is the finished outcome:


I’m very pleased with the results and happy that all my hair is still on my head! I did have more breakage after the second session but nothing major!

I’ll be posting about how I up keep the blonde in-between salon visits and all my favourite products to keep my hair looking vibrant and in good condition. So stay tuned! X



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