DRUG STORE MAKEUP REVIEW – Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

Hey Guys!

I’ve got a drug store makeup review for you today and it’s on the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation. This foundation promises  skin perfecting full coverage that lasts for up to 25 hours and is enriched with comfort serum, is sweat, heat humidity and transfer proof and also has SPF 20.

rimmel rimmel2


I was very surprised by the coverage of this foundation, it definitely is what it says, full coverage and it really does make your skin look perfected or airbrushed! You could easily wear this foundation without concealer if your in a rush to get out the door or if you like lighter coverage.


I really have a hard time matching foundations to my skin because I am so pale #palegirlproblems and I have a mixture between pink and yellow toned skin, so anything in either direction just looks plain strange on me. This one isn’t Perfect but it’s close enough, I have it in the lightest shade Ivory and it could do with being a little bit lighter. Especially for people even paler than me.  This foundation is yellow toned.


This foundation prides it self on indurance and lasting 25 hours, but lets be real who wears foundation for 25 hours? I think they’re exaggerating just a tad on that note, but I wore it for about 15 hours  without touching it up at all and it still looked pretty okay! Which is good in my books, it did cake up a little under my eyes and around my mouth as it does get a little bit chalky as the day goes on.

comfortI applied this foundation today with a flat headed stippling brush and I did not like how it turned out at all, it felt wet on my face and heavy even after it was set. But when I applied it with my fingers it was perfect and light, so I’d say you’ll have to play around with how it works best for you.

loveThis foundation makes some pretty big claims but it holds up pretty well! For the price you can’t really go wrong, it’s not as good as my ultimate drug store foundation favourite, Bourjois Healthy Mix. But comes in at a close second!


This is how it looks on my skin, this photo was just taken in natural light and without any editing or filters.

Have you guys tried this foundation and what’s your favourite drug store foundation?



7 thoughts on “DRUG STORE MAKEUP REVIEW – Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

  1. Karen Rees says:

    Hey Tazmin, I’ve tried it – in fact I’ve used it for the past 2/3 years! Oddly it’s one of those hit or miss for most, but for me it just works so well. I’ve no idea what I do differently but it just seems to stay so darn flawless out of all the long lasting foundations I’ve tried! Great review 🙂 Karen xo

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